Max's Newborn Session

Seeing first time parents with their brand new baby brings me so much joy! This sweet little guy is already so loved by his parents and his grandma! Max's full name is Maximilian King Babcock. King is his paternal great grandmother's maiden name, with whom he shares the MKB initials, and his grandfather's middle name. Born on March 13, 2017 weighing lbs. 21 oz, Max has brought so much joy to his family!

Matthew's Graduation Session-San Diego State University

This is what hard work and dedication look like! Matthew's success at San Diego State University opened the doors for great opportunities! As a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, as well earning the title of Lead Member of the Engineering Club, Matt was able to gain invaluable skills and experiences! Another highlight of his college careeer was being chosen along with a select group of Engineering students to study abroad in Pisa, Italy! Throughout all four years, including Summer School, Matt was able to carry a full load of classes within the rigorous study of Engineering. As if that were not enough for a student, he worked part time to assist his parents with his living expenses!

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