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Spring Break in June Lake

June Lake is a beautiful winter wonderland in the spring! This year's winter left plenty of snow to last for another few months. It's a perfect place to get out and explore and let the boys run wild! We visited a frozen over June Lake, found a great sledding spot, explored Panum Crater and the Tufa Towers of Mono Lake, rode the gondola, bird watched and had a blast with our close friends! I always look forward to spending time here, there are so many adventures to be taken!

When we weren't off on an adventure, the kids were making memories with friends at the cabin and speeding down this snow track!

The perfect place for hide and go seek!

I forgot my camera charger and had to document the rest of the day with my trusty cell phone. This is Panum Crater, Steven's favorite part of the trip!

Spending another beautiful sunset together is what these trips are all about for me! Until next time June Lake!

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